The Village:

Walkeringham village was founded over 100 years ago by Scottish gypsies who fished in Walkeringham’s various lakes. Years later, all the lakes have long since dried up but the descendants of those early settlers still remain in the village to this day.
Three ducks will occasionally frequent the village in the summertime looking for the old lakes of yore.

The Residents:

Walkeringham villagers are famous for their love of crisps. Some speculate that the village was actually named after their favourite brand of crispy potato snack.
Residents of the village are very intelligent, and have been found to have an average IQ of 10 points higher than the residents of neighbouring villages such as Misterton and Beckingham, where the average IQ is only 70 points.

The Church

Walkeringham has a beautiful church which towers over the village. It was built on Gringley Road long ago and has mostly remained in the same place since then.
The western tower is adorned with a rather nice clock which unfortunately stopped working at some point. I don’t know the date it stopped working, but i can tell you that the time was precisely 08:26.

This Web Site

This web site was created by me (Richard Puberton) with the help of my wife’s son (whomst i will not name for privacy reasons).
After being banned from the Walkeringham Village facebook page (simply for telling the truth) i decided to create my own alternate news website so that Walkeringham residents can still get the scoop on what is really happening in our village.

About Me (Dicky):

Many of you around the village know me as Dicky. I moved to Walkeringham from a faraway land and have lived here for several years. You can often see me walking around the village looking out for suspicious activity and yobbos.

-Mrs. Brown’s Boys
-Beautiful ladies (lol)

-Dog muck !!!